Celebrating Mangroves 1999
Earth works and installations on the beach, Trivandrum, Kerala
  Participating Artists : Azis T.M., children of fishing community, and C.F. John

 The show was done with the collaboration of the fishing community. Azis and myself spent one week with the community working towards the event. We selected twenty five children from a school of the community and worked with them conceptualizing the earth works and installation. Some of the saplings of various species of mangrove trees were brought and placed as part of the earth works. Towards the end of the event, the saplings were taken by the children and walked across to the other shore of the island (backwater) and planted. Now there are around fifteen saplings that have survived and grown. We executed the work on the shore during the few hours between the low and high tide. Mangroves are quickly depleting from the coastal regions due to various reasons. This show aimed to inspire the fisher folk on the necessity of nurturing the mangroves.

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